Company structure

Element Six is comprised of five distinct business Divisions: Advanced Materials, Oil & Gas, Hard Materials, Technologies and Ventures.

Advanced Materials
The Element Six Advanced Materials business covers the development of supermaterials for premium performance tooling solutions used for cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing applications in many industries.

Precision Machining - Transforming materials into finished products, such as engine blocks, airplane wings or hardwood furniture requires superior materials for tools that cut, drill or turn accurately every time, at increasing speeds and life. Our synthetic diamond products offer vast economic advantage coupled with consistent, exact performance. Our users benefit from customised solutions to meet their diverse and precise needs.

Precision Grinding & Polishing - An ever widening array of products are now finished using synthetic diamond grits and powders, from polishing optical lenses and silicon wafers to grinding automotive camshafts. We offer differentiated products to customers through uniformity, consistency and coatings of materials which guarantee accuracy and precision every time.

Construction & Extraction - Whether it is cutting or drilling stone, rock or concrete using synthetic diamond embedded in cutting saws or impregnated drill pieces for mining, synthetic diamond is now the material of choice. Element Six maintains innovation leadership in the market building on over 50 years of synthetic diamond grit synthesis to offer increasing speed and longevity as well as novel improvements to the usability of synthetic diamond.

Oil & Gas
The Element Six Oil & Gas business area is one of the leading suppliers of supermaterials to the oil & gas industry worldwide, delivering its expertise to developing solutions for oil & gas exploration and production.

Exploration & Production - In a world where reserves are increasingly harder to reach and where sustainable energy supply is vital, our polycrystalline diamond is the only material that can deliver the drilling performance the oil & gas industry needs.

Energy & Environment - Beyond drilling, synthetic diamond is offering overwhelming performance in an ever diversifying range of extreme environments from down-hole sensor equipment, offshore water-purification electrodes to long-life thrust bearings wear parts.

Hard Materials
Element Six Hard Materials is a business area devoted to material solutions for the construction and mining sectors, and other applications for diverse industries needing specialist tooling solutions.

Mining - Most mining operations need tooling solutions that enable continuous and reliable operation. Mining tools are exposed to extreme wear when exploiting natural deposits or conveying or processing ores. Our products are tailored to deliver consistently high wear resistance and clear economic benefits.

Road - Productivity and cost-effectiveness are the requirements of the road industry to manage within tight public spending budgets. Thanks to a long and close collaboration with our customers, we are at the forefront of developments to create extreme hard-wearing, long-life synthetic diamond and carbide solutions to give customers real competitive advantage.

Wear Parts - We understand that in any piece of equipment, there are some components that have to work harder and last longer than others. Whether it is in a paper machine, a steel mill or an oil pipeline, we design and manufacture tailor-made solutions offering beneficial life-time economics combined with maintained operating performance.

Element Six Technologies is a business area that is opening up new markets for our supermaterials based on synthetic diamond produced by a new manufacturing process. Novel applications that exploit synthetic diamond’s extreme engineering properties are being explored in a raft of industries from medicine to electronics.

Optical - As an optical material, synthetic diamond is unrivalled in its performance across the spectrum. It has enabled a leap in capabilities for applications that span high power lasers, spacecraft, telecommunications and material analysis. Synthetic diamond is used where extreme power handling, high resilience and extended lifetime in a hostile environment is needed.

Mechanical - In those industries where precision cannot be compromised, our single crystal synthetic diamond material forms the cutting edge in tooling solutions that shape our world. Whether synthetic diamond sits in a medical scalpel or at the centre of a wire drawing tool, the end results are precise, consistent and accurate.

New Frontiers - Synthetic diamond’s many extreme properties such as thermal conductivity, chemical inertness and semi-conduction offer a huge range of opportunities. We’re focusing research on power, environment and life science applications, but the only barrier is our imagination.